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Schedule performance management with Earned Schedule

Schedule Performance AnalyzerŠ for Agile

Since 2003, Earned Schedule has offered objective measures of schedule performance, and since 2007, ProjectFlightDeck has offered tools that automate the calculation and reporting of ES metrics.

To use the Schedule Performance AnalyzerŠ for Agile, it's as easy as one-two-three. The Agile Analyzer has special features that help projects quickly get schedules back on track. Finally, the Agile Analyzer has benefits not only for individual roles but for organizations as a whole.


$99 (US, plus tax)

How it works


...in three steps 

With a file feed, the Analyzer produces Earned Schedule metrics for your Agile project in just three easy steps. More... 


Graphical visualization and tabular details vividly portray performance as user controlled parameters drive the processing. More...  

Whether it is the Project Manager, the PMO, or the whole organization, the Analyzer offers compelling benefits. More...