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Schedule performance management with Earned Schedule

Schedule Performance Analyzer© for MS Project


Since 2003, Earned Schedule has offered objective measures of schedule performance, and since 2007, the Schedule Performance Analyzer© for MS Project has offered automated calculation and reporting of ES metrics.

To use the Analyzer, it takes just two steps. The Analyzer has special features that help projects quickly get schedules back on track. Finally, the Analyzer has benefits not only for individuals but for organizations as a whole.


How it works


...in two steps


With your resourced, baselined schedule in place, you execute the Schedule Performance Analyzer©. Its reports give you all the information you need to keep the project on track. More... 




...Analyzer capabilities


Visualizations foster communication inside and outside the project team. Numerical details and targeted tasks power deep dives on problems. You control the analysis through parameter settings. Behind the scene, code verifies input, calculates metrics, and issues warnings. More... 




...whatever the role

Project Managers, Project Schedulers, Project Management Office/Project Controllers--whatever the role, if you're responsible for assessing and improving schedule performance, the Schedule Performance Analyzer© is for you. More... 



New Release, New Price

$199 (US, plus tax)