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Project instrumentation at the touch of a button.


Select one of the growing number of ProjectFlightDeck plug ins to easily and quickly address your project instrumentation needs. Designed and priced with the individual Project Manager in mind!

Enterprise licensing also available--for more information contact us via email: info@projectflightdeck.com .


Schedule Performance Analyzer

ProjectFlightDeck's newest addition uses advanced Earned
Value techniques to assess the project schedule and its
tasks. The Schedule Performance Analyzer identifies
potential schedule problems and highlights the tasks that are
putting the schedule at risk. Armed with this information, the
Project Manager can act quickly to bring the project back on

Click below for a full-sized images:
TskPerfAna Full Size.pdf

$99.95 (US, plus tax)



AgileESM© Calculator

Tools that implement AgileESM© make it easy for Agile teams to use the practice on their projects. The AgileESM© Calculator takes in project data and returns easy-to-read tabular and graphic AgileESM© results.

The AgileESM© Calculator places the results in a separate Excel™ file. You can re-run the Calculator at any time. Once you save the Calculator file, your entries are preserved as the defaults for your next session.

$79.95 (US, plus tax)





Project Status Reporter

Tired of manually creating your project status reports?  This
plug in automatically extracts the information from your MS
Project schedule, organizes it, and reports the results. You
control the information to be extracted by simply setting a
flag. All reports are placed in an Excel file to make final
edits quick and easy.

Click below for a full-sized image:
ProjStatRptr Full Size.pdf

$49.95 (US, plus tax)



Custom Code Development

To ease their work load and to improve their management of the schedule, Project Managers often require custom macros for MS Project. ProjectFlightDeck creates "bespoke" macros to satisfy this need. Contact us for details on the design and build process.

Sample output from one of our custom macros has been included here for your review. 

Click below for a full-sized image:


For pricing, email us at: