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 The Schedule Performance AnalyzerŠ for MS Project now offers:
- a better user interface
- more ES metrics
- improved accuracy
- better error handling.

Because it runs natively within MS Project, there is no need for extractors. The data is pulled directly from MS Project.

PMs, Schedulers, PMO/Controllers--all the roles benefit from ES metrics.

For details, click Schedule Performance AnalyzerŠ for MS Project. 

New Release, New Price

$199 (US, plus tax)


Until now, Earned Schedule metrics were at the mercy of scheduling and Earned Value Management tools. If the tool did not support ES, its users had to fend for themselves. Even commerical ES tools were bound by the constraint, limiting their impact. 

ProjectFlightDeck has broken the barrier.

Now, regardless of tool, whether it's MS Project, P6, OpenPlan or other, you can get ES metrics with ProjectFlightDeck's Schedule Performance AnalyzerŠ for Excel.

For details, click here.  

$299 (US, plus tax)




ProjectFlightDeck has ported the Analyzer to the Cloud and adapted it to multiple users. 

The Cloud Analyzer controls sharing of ES data and collaboration on work flow across teams, while ensuring privacy between clients.

It uses file input independent of scheduling/EVM tools. 

In the Cloud, there are no  ownership hassles. And, it's secured using  Microsoft-managed software and storage.

For details, click Schedule Performance AnalyzerŠ for the Cloud. 

Admin: $19.97 (US, plus tax)/ month. Associate: $5.97 (US, plus tax)


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