How one-two-three steps

With the data in hand, it's easy to use the Schedule Performance AnalyzerŠ for Excel. To assist in gathering the data, ProjectFlightDeck offers extractors for the most common scheduling tools. And, we're always on the look out for more extractors.

Step 1: Extract the Data


  • Use one of ProjectFlightDeck's extractors or create your own data file. 

  • Format the data file to comply with the Schedule Performance AnalyzerŠ API.

  • Save the data file.


Step 2: Run the Analyzer


  • Open the Schedule Performance AnalyzerŠ for Excel.

  • Pick the data file to be analyzed.

  • Enter Parameter Settings (make sure you know the As Of Date--there is a strict edit on that field).


Step 3: Use the Results


  • Review the Excel output file that is created automatically.

  • Interpret Results: for tips on how to interpret results, see the Practice Guide.