Features of the Analyzer

The Schedule Performance Analyzer© for Excel offers an unparalleled range and organization of ES metrics, user driven processing, and extensive data quality error detection and correction.

Range of Metrics: Sure, you can get a few ES metrics from other tools. But, compare any competitor's offerings to this range of Earned Schedule metrics:



And, yes, all of these are available now with Schedule Performance Analyzer© for Excel.

Ease of Use: The metrics are, moreover, organized for ease of use.

  • Tabs: Metrics are grouped under tabs for Past Performance, Future Estimates, Recovery, Schedule Adherence, and Task Analysis. The grouping makes it easy to find what you're looking for.

  • Charts: Most tabs are accompanied by charts. The charts visually represent the results of the most commonly used metrics. 

  • Tables: Each tab has an Excel table of ES metrics. That makes it simple to analyze specific metrics separately, to add charts for other data, and to sort the data differently.

User Driven Processing:
 You control operation of the Schedule Performance Analyzer© for Excel by setting parameters. 

Behind the Scene: The Schedule Performance Analyzer© for Excel scans the incoming data file, detects a wide range of errors, and corrects the most common problems so that processing continues.