The Game Changer

Until now, Earned Schedule metrics were at the mercy of scheduling and Earned Value Management tools. If a tool did not support ES, its users had to fend for themselves. Even commerical ES tools were bound by the constraint, limiting their impact. 

ProjectFlightDeck has broken the barrier.

Now, regardless of tool, whether it's MS Project, P6, OpenPlan or other, you can get ES metrics. ProjectFlightDeck's Schedule Performance Analyzer© for Excel runs independently of all of them.

Instead, it is driven by an Excel data file. That data file can be sourced in many ways.

Extractor Options


 * To assist, ProjectFlightDeck publishes the Application Programming Interface (API) for the data file.

** Beyond the recognition of having the Extractor published, submissions are eligible for ProjectFlightDeck awards.


With the Schedule Performance Analyzer© for Excel, ProjectFlightDeck has changed the game...again.