Until now, Earned Schedule metrics were at the mercy of scheduling and Earned Value Management tools. If a tool did not support ES, its users had to fend for themselves. Even commerical ES tools were bound by the constraint, limiting their impact. 

ProjectFlightDeck has broken the barrier. Now, regardless of tool, you can get ES metrics.

Our cloud apps run independently of scheduling tools. Instead, they are driven by a CSV data file.

Where does the data file come from? There are several potential sources.

  • ProjectFlightDeck offers commercial extractors that pull data from major scheduling and EVM tools such as MS Project and Primavera P6.
  • Enterprising user leverage utilities in their scheduling tools and extract the data themselves. To assist them, ProjectFlightDeck publishes an Application Programming Interface (API) that defines the data file requirements.

  • The data requirements for ProjectFlightDeck Express are so simple that users can manually create the file.