Multi-user Solution

ProjectFlightDeck Teams is designed for Programs, Departments, and Corporations—wherever Earned Schedule is used across individuals, projects, and portfolios. Why use Earned Schedule beyond a single, stand-alone project? 

  • Objectivity: ES offers quantitative measures of schedule performance. Without objective measures of performance, project decisions are subject to cognitive bias, logical fallacies, and statistical missteps.

  • Consistency: ES metrics apply equally to projects of varying duration, cost, and methodology, supporting quick and fair assessments across projects. That gives common grounds for feedback and prioritization decisions.

  • Formal Recognition: ES metrics have been institutionalized by the Project Management Institute (PMI), U.S. National Defense Industry Association (NDIA), and Organization for Standardization (ISO). The formal recognition is assurance that ES is not just an idiosyncractic fad.

  • ESAT: Project Managers, PMOs, and Project Controllers need fast, accurate measures of current schedule performance and estimates of future schedule impact. All of this must be easily understood, readily communicated, and widely shared. By meeting all of the needs, our cloud app contributes to Employee Satisfaction.