From its inception, ProjectFlightDeck has focused on individual project managers. Our goal has been to improve a PM's practice, ease a PM's work load, and accelerate PM results with products priced for the individual PM.

Over the years, we have steadily built a base of such customers, but we have also become aware of other needs. Project Management Offices (PMOs) and business executives, primarily CFOs, have reached out to ProjectFlightDeck for help. Their concern goes beyond the individual PM. They want to help all of their project managers because doing so helps the company as a whole.

To take their organizations to a higher level most efficiently, PMOs and executives seek help from experts who have successfully implemented advanced project managment practices in other organizations.

ProjectFlightDeck has successfully used techniques such as Earned Value Management and Earned Schedule Management on many projects in diverse industries. ProjectFlightDeck is a leader in extending Earned Schedule to Agile projects. Our AESMCalculatorŠ is the only tool on the market that supports Earned Schedule for Agile projects.

ProjectFlightDeck is uniquely qualified to assist you in implementing these techniques and tools, whether you have plan-driven projects, Agile projects, or a portfolio of projects that use a combination of approaches.