How just three steps

The Schedule Performance AnalyzerŠ uses a file extract to produce Earned Schedule metrics. It takes just three steps.

Step 1. Extract the Data

  • Source: most scheduling tools offer canned reports or utilities for producing the required data as follows:
    • the cumulative Planned Value by sprint from the first sprint to the last sprint
    • the cumulative Earned Value by sprint form the first sprint to the last completed sprint.

  • Destination: most scheduling tools offer utilities for exporting data to a Comma Separated Values
    (CSV) file. Exported data must adhere to these rules:
    • the first line of the file is for the cumulative Planned Value
    • the second line of the file is for the cumulative Earned Value
    • each column is for each sprint from the first to the last .
  • Exceptions: if the scheduling tool does not support data extraction, manually gather the data and enter it into a spreadsheet, and save it as  CSV. Here are the rules for manually created files.



Step 2. Run the Analyzer

  • Open the Analyzer (the path depends on the version: standalone Excel or CloudES Express)

  • Enter the input parameters

  • Pick the Input Data File


Step 3. Use the Results

  • Review the Excel output file.

  • Interpret Results: for tips on how to interpret results, see ProjectFlightDeck's Practice Guide.


Sample Output