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How It Works

The Project Status Reporter automatically extracts data from your schedule, creates an Excel spreadsheet, and populates it with the information.

  1. Report Flags: The Project Manager controls what tasks will be extracted and reported.  By simply setting the task's flag to "Yes", the PM tells the plug in to include it in the report.
  2. Time Period: There is a prompt for the start of the report period and another for the end of the period.  Edit checks are performed to ensure that the period requested is within the project's timeline.  
  3. Reporting Units: Reporting is done in units of hours or days--the PM decides.  If the unit needs to change, simply re-run the plug in and specify a different unit.
  4. Look Ahead:  For planned activities, the Project Manager identifies how far into the future the plug in should look.  Tasks due in that period are included in the planned activities reported.