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Data Extract: The Project Status Reporter extracts relevant data directly from the Microsoft ProjectTM schedule, eliminating the need for the Project Manager to cut and paste or rekey task information.

Data Organization:  Following industry standard reporting practice, the plug in organizes the data into five categories: project header information, milestones, accomplishments, delayed items, and planned items.  Again, this eliminates the need for the PM to spend time analyzing and grouping the data.

Task Details:  The Project Status Reporter gathers details on each task.  The details for each task vary, depending on its reporting category.  For instance, milestone information is limited to progress, start/finish, and planned time.  Accomplishment information, on the other hand, includes start/finish, actual time, and planned time.

Duly Noted: Task Notes are a useful, and commonly used, feature of Microsoft ProjectTM schedules.  The Project Status Reporter extracts the Notes for each task and displays them on the report.  The Project Manager can easily edit them prior to report distribution.  This again leverages the investment already made in the schedule.

Period Flexibility:  Planned tasks occur after the finish date of the reporting period.  The plug in prompts the Project Manager for how far it should look into the future.  The "look ahead" period is at the PM's discretion.

Pre-Formatting:  The data is extracted, categorized, and prepared for reporting. The results are pre-formatted to ensure readability.  The final report is ready for editorial "tweaks", final formatting, and distribution.