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Leverage through Automation: Project Managers invest time in creating and maintaining their schedules.  They then duplicate the effort to create status reports.  The Project Status Reporter eliminates the duplication by automating the activity.  It extracts the relevant data directly from MS ProjectTM and places it in Microsoft ExcelTM.  In short, the plug in leverages the PM's investment in the schedule.

Reporting Period Flexibility: The Project Manager selects the reporting period--the tool does the rest!  Simple prompts are presented so that the PM tells the Reporter the start date and the end date of the report.  The system checks the dates against the project's start and finish to guard against input error.

Reporting Task Control: The Project Manager controls the tasks that are reported.  Any task that needs to be reported is identified by setting its report flag to "Yes".  This minimizes the number of edits the PM has to make on the final Microsoft ExcelTM  file.