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ProjectFlightDeck was founded by Project Managers for Project Managers.  For years, we ran projects and used MS ProjectTM.  Increasingly, we sensed that the tool could be doing more for us, but the contraints of time prevented us from using it fully.

The company was formed to enable PMs to get more from MS ProjectTM without adding to their work load.  We see our products as instrumentation that Project Managers easily and quickly "plug in" to their schedules to get immediate benefit. 

Our products are practical, focused, single-function tools.  Our customers are individual Project Managers looking to improve their practice, ease their work load, and accelerate their results.

Finally, it our goal to price our products at a level affordable to you, the line Project Manager.


Note: ProjectFlightDeck is owned and operated by RADworks, a business registered in the Province of Ontario, Canada.