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Schedule Risk Management with Earned Schedule

For many projects, the key goal is to meet the delivery date. Failure to meet the date means project failure. And, with it, worse consequences: delayed product launches that imperil leading-edge companies, overdue construction projects that incur large penalties, late government projects that breed spectacular cost overruns.

Manage schedule risk with Earned Schedule. Avoid project failure and its consequences.


  • Earned Schedule metrics produced: ES, SVt, SPIt, IEACt, IECDt.
  • File input compatible with a wide variety of scheduling tools.
  • Teams share ES data and collaborate on work flow.
  • No software and hardware ownership hassles--"pay as you go".
  • 24/7 browser access using encrypted links and secure storage.
  • ES results printed or exported to a file for local analysis.

    here for more information on ProjectFlightDeck's cloud offering.


Agile Earned Schedule Managment (AgileESM©)
ProjectFlightDeck has extended Earned Schedule to Agile projects. Want to know how it works? Have a look at this EVM World 2014 presentation for the answer: How to Use Earned Schedule on Agile Projects.

To help your implementation, ProjectFlightDeck has introduced AgileESM© a complete package of training, consulting, and tools for using Earned Schedule on Agile projects. For more details, check out the new AgileESM©
tab on our site.   

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AgileESM© Calculator


Schedule Performance Analyzer
ProjectFlightDeck's newest addition uses advanced Earned Schedule techniques to assess the project schedule and its tasks. The Schedule Performance Analyzer identifies potential schedule problems and highlights the tasks that are putting the schedule at risk. Armed with this information, the Project Manager can act quickly to bring the project back on track.

Click below for a full-sized images:
TPA Schedule Analysis.pdf  TPA Task Analysis.pdf

$99.95 (US, plus tax)


The AgileESM© Calculator allows you to easily produce Earned Schedule metrics for Agile projects. To try it out, click on the link below and get the Calculator for a free 30-day trial period.
AgileESM© Calculator Free Trial